Historical information

History of Philosophy and Sociology Department

Philosophy and Sociology Department provides a high level of humanitarian training of students, performs an important task of organization of educational process, being an important center of NUPh educational work, engaged in the process of formation of pharmacists’ personality. In past the title of the department had been changed for several times: Marxism-Leninism Department (1939 – 1991), Social Sciences Department (1991 – 2005, 2008 – 2012), Ukrainian Studies, Social Sciences and Latin Department (2005 – 2008), Philosophy and Sociology Department (from 2012).

The department was headed by: I. I. Semerin (1927 – 1939), S. I. Pugachev (1939 – 1940), Ph. D. in History, associate professor O. P. Vlasov (1955 – 1961), Ph. D. in History, associate professor K. S. Dyagileva (1961 – 1974), D.Sc. in History, professor M. P. Pivnev (1974 – 1985), D. Cs. in Sociology, professor Ye. A. Podolskaya (1985 – 2005), Ph. D. in Philology, associate professor Ye. I. Svitlychna (2005 – 2007), D. Cs. in Philosophy, professor K. A. Ivanova (since 2007). Throughout a long history more than 100 teachers and staff worked at the department. Now the personal structure includes: one D. Sc., professor K. A. Ivanova, 7 associate professors – Ph. D. in Philosophy T. M. Melentieva, A. P. Lantukh, Ya. I. Artemenko, Ph. D. in History H. O. Khirina, Ph. D. in History R. I. Filippenko, Ph. D. in Culture Studies O. M. Kulakova, Ph. D. in History, associate professor Ya. V. Balabay, Ph. D. in Philosophy, assistant N.V.Pustovit, assistant A. O. Savchenko (Yakuba).

The main direction of the work of department is an educational work. Twelve academic courses are taught at the department now: History of Ukrainian Culture, Philosophy, Ethics, Aesthetics, Logics, Religious Studies, Political Science, Sociology, Sociology of Organization and Management, Basics of Constitutional Law, Aesthetics and History of Culture. Lectures and practice classes are the main part of educational process. The lectures are held using multimedia technologies mastered by all the teachers of the department. Practice classes are differing on the methodic: traditional form, round table, seminar-tour in Kharkiv museums. The computer room is using for effective control of the students and fixation of the material. The department provides a high level of teaching of the social disciplines for the foreign students. The text-books on Philosophy and History of Ukrainian Culture, the copy-books on Political Science and Sociology both in English are printed for the foreign students. The department succeeded in preparation of text-books and teaching aids: 10 text-books and teaching aids are published during the last 10 years. Philosophy and sociology department has a high level of scientific potential. During its long history the teaching stuff defended more than 20 Ph. D. thesises and 4 D. Sc. thesises, published the number of monographs and scientific articles, abstracts of reports in conferences in different scientific editions. The teaching stuff of the department takes an active part in international and regional scientific conferences, holds conferences and roundtables of the department. Each year the considerable number of students takes an active part in Students’ Scientific Association activity of the department. They make reports on social topics in “Ukrainian Skovorodynivski Chytannya”, in roundtable devoted to medical and pharmaceutical ethics’ problems, represent NUPh in students’ scientific conferences of different Ukrainian universities. Work with postgraduate students and applicants of NUPh and other universities is the important direction of Philosophy and Sociology Department activity. The department provides training and holding of exam on philosophy. The department takes an active part in educational work of NUPh. The head of the department is K. A. Ivanova – the vice-rector for science and education of NUPh. The teaching staff of the department is traditionally curators of the first and second year students. Trips around historical places in Kharkiv are always organized for students. Students under the leadership of assistant of professor A. P. Lantukh during their summer and winter vacations visited Italy, Check Republic, Germany, France, Hungary for many times. Assistant of professor G. O. Khirina organizes a big city tour, training and educational events in Kharkiv History Museum, Kharkiv Literature Museum, Museum of History of Kharkiv National University named after V. N. Karazin. Philosophy and Sociology Department takes an active part in professional orientation work, organize tours for students to the Museum of History of Pharmacy of Ukraine of NUPh. Staff of the educational and methodical office specialist of 1st degree T. M. Goroshkova and senior laboratory assistant G. M. Solodovnik play an important role in the department’s activity. The staff of the department is oriented on the high quality and deep humanitarian training of the pharmacy specialists and upbringing of the scientific elite of our nation.

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