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Date Time Group code Teacher’s name Discipline Zoom conference indicator Password
29.09 12.50-13.35 ІФ анг(4,10д) 1к. 1-4 гр. Yaroslava Artemenko Logic 2674836831 Yaroslava
15.40-16.25 ІФм анг(4,10д) 2course 1-8 Yaroslava Artemenko Philosophy, ethics and aesthetics 2674836831 Yaroslava
30.09 15.40-16.25 ІФ*анг (4,10д)

1course, 1

Yaroslava Artemenko History of world and Ukrainian culture 2674836831 Yaroslava



If you have not passed the exams in the History of World and Ukrainian Culture, Philosophy or Ethics and Aesthetics, you must send to your teacher’s email (yaroslavart@ukr.net) a form for the exam permission.

The tasks for your exam would be upload to the department website.

An example form for permission:

1.Full name

2.Group, course


The questions for the final module control on History of Culture (oral discussion):
1.The definitions of culture.
2.Pre-historic (primitive) culture and its characteristic features.
3.Culture of Kyevan Rus.
4.Renaissance culture.
The questions for the final module control on Philosophy:
1.Philosophy as a science. Subject, structure, functions.
2.Antique philosophy: periods, ideas, representatives.
3.New Era philosophy. Trends and representatives. Empiricism and rationalism.
The questions for the final module control on Ethics and Aesthetics
1.The subject matter of Ethics.
2.Fundamental ethical categories and their definitions: Morality, freedom, responsibility, etc.
3.Aesthetics as a science. Subject and main categoris.
4.Art as an aesthetical phenomenon. Types and forms of art.


Dear students of the 1st and 2nd courses who hasn’t pass the exams on Philosophy, Ethics / Aesthetics or History of Culture!
On the 27 of August you are going to have a zoom lesson. Find your subject and join us on the zoom platform.
The order of your rework:
1.You will be invited to the zoom conference one by one.
2.You have to be ready to answer the teacher’s questions (see the list given earlier) orally.
3.The time of your participation – 5 mins.
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