Welcome to Philosophy and Sociology Department

of National University of Pharmacy!

Head of department:

Ivanova Karina Andriivna, D. Sc. in Philosophy, professor.

The teaching staff of the department: D. Sc. in Philosophy, professor K. A. Ivanova, eight Ph. D. – Ph. D. in Philosophy, associate professor Ya. I. Artemenko, Ph. D. in Philosophy, associate professor O. K. Sadovnikov, Ph. D. in Philosophy, associate professor T. M. Melentyeva, Ph. D. in History, associate professor Ya. V. Balabay, Ph. D. in History, associate professor R. I. Filippenko, Ph. D. in History, associate professor G. O. Khirina, Ph. D. in Culture Studies, associate professor O. M. Kulakova, assistant A. O. Savchenko.

The teaching staff of the department is working on three thesises for a doctoral degree and one thesis for a candidate degree. The teaching staff publishes the academical articles in main scientific journals, takes an active part in congresses, roundtables and conferences of Ukraine and different countries of the world. Lectures and practical classes are held using of multimedia devices. Public lectures and practical classes are usually held at the department. Educational process is going on according to the credit-module system.

Roundtables and conferences on different actual problems are organized at the department each year. The work with postgraduate students and applicants of NUPh and other universities is an important direction of Philosophy and Sociology Department activity. The department provides training and holding of exam on philosophy. Philosophy and Sociology Department provides a high level of humanitarian training of students, performs an important task of educational process, being a necessary center of NUPh upbringing work and involved in the process of formation of future professional in the field of pharmacy.