Political science

The plan of the course POLITICAL SCIENCE 

Topical Module 1. Politics and political power

  1. Political science as a subject of study
    • Subject and tasks of political science
    • Definition, structure and functions of politics
  2. Political power
    • Conception and structure of political power
    • Political elites and political leadership

Topical Module 2. Political system of society

  1. Theory of political system
    • Definition, structure and functions of political system
    • Political regimes
  2. Political institutions
    • State in political system
    • Political parties and the party system
  3. Political culture
    • Definition, structure and types of political culture
    • Political ideology
  4. Political processes
    • Conception and types of political processes
    • Political conflicts and crises
    • International policy
    • International policy and international relations
    • Geopolitics

Political Sciencequestions for examination

  1. Subject and method of political science. Place of political science in the system of social sciences.
  2. Definition and functions of politics.
  3. Political relationship, political consciousness and political organization as constituents of politics.
  4. Political thought of antiquity and medieval religious and political conceptions.
  5. Political thought of Modern Times.
  6. Definition of political power. Modern conceptions of political power.
  7.  Structure of political power. Resources of political power.
  8.  Principles of organization and functioning of political power.
  9.  Conception of political elite. Classical and modern theories of elites.
  10. Political leadership. Classification of political leaders.
  11.  Definition and mechanism of political system functioning.
  12.  Typology of political systems.
  13.  Political stability and political risk.
  14.  Totalitarian political regime: definition and features. Historical types of totalitarianism.
  15.  Conception and types of authoritarian political regime.
  16.  Democratic political regime: definition and features.
  17.  Peculiarities of post-totalitarian political regimes functioning and development.
  18.  Conception and structure of civil society.
  19.  State: conception, features and place in political system.
  20.  Monarchy as a form of government. Peculiarities of monarchic institution in modern world.
  21.  Conception and types of republic form of government.
  22.  Unitary state system: conception and features.
  23.  Federation: conception and main types in modern world.
  24.  Legal state. Principles of legal state. Social orientation of legal state.
  25.  Definition, features and functions of political party. Typology of political parties.
  26.  Party systems in modern world.
  27.  Groups of interests and groups of pressure.
  28.  Social and political organizations and movements.
  29.  Definition, features and functions of political culture.
  30.  Typology of political cultures.
  31.  Political stereotypes, political myths and political symbols.
  32.  Political subcultures: conception and types.
  33.  Definition, features and functions of political ideology.
  34.  Classification of modern political ideologies.
  35.  Conception and mechanisms of political socialization.
  36.  Stages of political socialization.
  37.  Political conduct: conception and types.
  38.  Main forms of political participation. Electoral conduct.
  39.  Conception and types of political protest.
  40.  Political terrorism: substance and causes of beginning.
  41.  Conception and main motives of political non-participation.
  42.  Conception and types of political process.
  43.  Political development and political modernization. Types of modernization.
  44.  Political conflict: substance, structure and typology.
  45.  Conception of political crisis. Models of crisis development of political conflicts.
  46.  Ways of political conflicts solving.
  47.  Elections: conception, functions and types.
  48.  Conception and main types of electoral system.
  49.  Conception and principles of international politics.
  50.  International relations nowadays: characteristics and trends of development.
  51.  Structure, functions and categories of geopolitics.
  52.  Geopolitical analysis of modern international relations. Main geopolitical regions in modern world.
  53.  Conception and classification of global problems of the present. Political ways of solving of global problems of mankind.
  54.  International security and global political process: problems of new international political order forming.

LITERATURE to the course

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